26 alphabets and unlimited possible combinations that enable us to talk and express. You are all players of words! Aren’t you? You speak thousands of words daily and use them to express. You’re all excellent at it. That’s the reason it’s not just ‘About Us’ on about page. It’s about us and YOU.

We are a group of five writers and it all started with avid reading, heartbreaks and some critical life lessons that ended up turning us into writers. After all which writer ain’t a reader or sufferer?

Life is a vast philosophy that gifts us in-numerous moments of various feelings that we fail to capture in our heart while sometimes they fade with time. Our main aim is to relate your life with our words because we believe the biggest merit of a writer is when readers can connect and relate to what they’re reading. We wish to convey the sense of belongingness to our readers through write-ups.

You can connect with us at ecanusfive@gmail.com for feedback, suggestions and share any ideas.