Diary of a Girl

Dear diary,

Today is Independence day. 70 years since we are free from the British. But I really don’t feel independent.

I go out and I hear people passing lewd comments, making me feel insecure. I talk freely and I hear people call me slut and question my virginity. I wear shorts and people ask for rates. I have male friends and people think I am a whore. I live alone and people think I am their sex toy. I bleed and people call me impure. Even after 70 years, I still feel caged. My mind is still concerned about the consequences of being myself. I am sure almost all women face this. I really don’t know why this day is celebrated. I would really celebrate it if all of the above stops. The hypocrisy. The mentality. The criticism. Every single of these makes me question whether we are really independent or not.

Hardly we have started education, and now with education, we have to face these challenges; and then they call us weak. Ironical. Even after being a well educated woman, we are treated as materials. I really want to know from these people that how they were born, because this mentality doesn’t really come from the women who gave birth. I really want to know why they tie rakhi from their sisters when they don’t even know how to respect a woman. I am judged critically. The colour of my skin is more important than my intellect. The length of my clothes is more important than the depth of my knowledge. My free mind is considered a sin rather than a sign of pure friendship. My soul is ripped off with lewd comments but I have to keep my mouth shut, else if I dare to speak I am basically a ‘bigdi hui ladki’ (spoiled girl). My education doesn’t matter but the roundness of my chapati is considered the greatest degree. My skills don’t have a part in my success rather they say, ‘I just slept with the boss’. If I am raped then it is my dress’ fault and not of the pathetic men. I can’t oppose this else my parents are blamed for their ‘sanskaars’ (teachings). Well, that’s wonderful people, really incredible (pun intended).

I really wish things change. I really wish men change. I really wish the mentality changes. I really wish the country changes.

Thank you for patiently listening to me diary. I am really happy at least you don’t judge me.

A girl.

P. S. Yes, I am a man who wrote this because I have seen my sisters, my girl friends and many other women face this and, it happens every day.

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