Words and Actions

Actions speak louder than words.

Many of us are aware of this famous saying, yet people tend to forget it. I’ve heard many people say ‘I’ll be there for you’ but when the time comes no one is around, either they change the topic or go away for a while until they feel that they don’t have to face your vulnerable side. To them, I’ve one question. How easily do you do that? Please let us know.

People turn meaner day by day, and then we blame solely the past. Well, it could have been a lot better if someone was there to hear you, support you and lend you a shoulder to cry on; at least we would not have been forcing ourselves to turn meaner.

Your importance in someone’s life measures to the amount of how much they want you in their low times. You are just a toy who will be replaced, sooner or later. They say they are friends, but they don’t even seem to understand the meaning of it. They don’t try to understand your perspectives but they surely can understand how to put the blame on you. Then there are some who speak a mountain of words of how important you’re but know nothing about you and just run away when the importance comes to test. Some of them are so good that they complain of not having good love or friends while the good ones are busy waiting for their texts, ready to help whenever they need.

After all this, when everyone becomes cold, they say good people are rare. Oh yes, they made good ones rare. And if after all this, someone is still good, what does he/she get? A bouquet of rumours, bullying, shaming, ignorance and laughter as a return gift. What a wonderful gift that is, you’ve finally made another person cold and mean. Great!

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