I Miss Us

She is the peace,
The sanity of my life.
She has a magic,
Never allowing me to forget her.
She has given so much love,
I feel it through my body;
Displaying its presence,
While she is not with me.
She is beautifully crazy;
Her giggles are beyond adorable,
Her blush is compelling, and
Her voice calms every inch of me.
She is elegance;
Her eyes have an amazing allure,
Her smile – a delightful sight, and
Her prettiness is perfect.
She is a lioness,
Ready to hunt my troubles down,
Giving me thefeast of joy, and
Silently watch me smile wide.
She is the gravity,
That holds my universe together;
She is the one,
Who loves me for who I am.
She is the girl who crossed my mind,
And rules my body since then.
She is the love,
I will to live for.

I miss her,
Her blushes,
Her eyes,
Her smile,
Her voice,
Her pathetic jokes,
Her “You are an idiot”,
Her love.

I miss my peace,
My joy,
My inspiration,
My life, and
My world.

I miss us.

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