How do you define lucky?

“A person who wins even if he does something that may lead to a lose.”

Generally, this might be your answer.

Let’s add some examples to the definition of what you call lucky.

When you’re growing up in a friendly environment in your home, where your parents are your friends too, then you’re lucky. When you’re able to share details about your latest crush with your parents, you’re lucky.

When you have a best friend, who is beside you through thick and thin, who knows you better than anyone else on the planet, who knows the secrets which can’t be shared with parents, who loves you unconditionally. To add more, the person who teases you, who tags you in the latest memes, who knows you’re the best he/she could ever have, who is there in your every phase of life no matter what the circumstances are, then you’re lucky.

When you have a beloved, the person for whom you would sacrifice your time and attention anytime they need, when you have a person who loves you, who doesn’t judge you with the darkest secrets you shared to them. Furthermore, who cuddles with you, who you make love with, who you wish to be the mother/father of your cute little child/children, who is worth the pain you had and who is everything that you ever needed, then you’re lucky.

When you have a companion, who speaks nothing but you don’t mind about it, who loves you no matter how you appear, who you don’t mind to take for a walk, who jumps on you as soon as you reach your place, who licks you lovingly, and who is fluffy. Basically, when you have a pet, you’re lucky.

When you have a boss who helps you excel and reach the destination of success, who never differentiates you according to your caste, colour, sex and what not, then you’re lucky. When you have a teacher who clears all your doubts in academics and sometimes life, who knows what is talent, then you’re again, lucky.

When you’ve everything I mentioned above, you’re lucky.

What makes you lucky though? Well, the answer is because you worked hard for the success, you nurtured every relationship you have, you sacrificed some of your time for them, when you focused on the sweetness of fruits rather than the hard work to grow the tree. However, in some cases, you might actually be lucky.

Even if you have the best luck, the fruits out of it depend on how you actually use your luck.

No, I am not missing out the unlucky ones. Even I’m unlucky, but that doesn’t change my perspective. If you don’t have luck, plant the tree keeping the sweet fruits as your only goal. Everything else will eventually come to you. Water the seed everyday with motivation and reminders of your goal, sacrifice your leisures and protect the plant from storms of chaos and nurture every single part of it (the relationships), until you taste the delicious fruits of success which to others is luck, but only you know what it really is.

Have a great day, and all the best!

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