Best Friend

I was exhausted, and
Too stressed about the work.
I entered home, sweet home,
And let out a sigh,
“Another stressful day”.
I threw myself on bed, and
Closed my eyes.
Just after it,
I felt something soft,
On my feet.
I felt good and relaxed,
Like a cotton ball being rubbed.
Then the four-legged friend
Jumped on my tummy.
She licked my cheeks;
Oh, how lovely she is.
I caressed her furry body,
While she continued to rain love.
She jumped on my tummy, and
Miaow-ed loudly.
Is it saying something?
Yes! She loves me, a lot.
But she ran to the kitchen,
I followed her, forgetting about the day.
She miaow-ed again,
Perhaps she is hungry.
After I fed her,
She embraced my legs,
Asking me to eat something.
How much she cares about me!
As soon as I ate the ordered food,
She jumped to the bed,
Signalling her sleep time, also mine.
I lied beside her, caressing her to sleep.
When she slept, I kissed her head
And closed my eyes.
My thoughts spoke something,
“This cute fluffy best friend you have,
Is a lot better than humans.”
I wished it spoke to me.
I heard her miaow again.
“I love you too”, I smiled and
Dozed off with happiness.
Thanks to my best friend.

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