You make me feel like I’m healing.
Not rapidly,
Yet slowly and steadily.
You’re like the touch of a wish granting comet in the sky,
Who travels and appears once a million year,
And I,
I am those eyes who looks at you and those lips who smile and wish,
Wish for you.
Wish for us.
You make me feel like I’m healing.
Maybe I am.
Not completely recovered,
yet a part of me feels free.
Free from the chains that binded me,
From the past but now,
I want to live my present.
Present, with you do you hear me?
When I confess,
my heart to you?
Cause I know you feel this, too.
When I place my palms on your heart,
I know feel the rush too.
Maybe I’m confused for now,
Uncertain of what I feel for you,
But certain of what you mean to me.
You make are healing me and saving me,
In every way a human can be saved.
From their demons inside,
That lash out in a million scary forms,
But you not only save me,
You put my demons to rest.
And when I look into your eyes,
I see light,
A light that annihilate the darkness in my soul.

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