Through the lens of my college window


I was in the first year of college. My exams were approaching and I, as usual was lagging behind my syllabus. I was running short of time as I had only a month left for my exams. I sat with all my notes on my table, but was not able to focus. In an era of smart phones, social media is a big distraction for youngsters and I was not an exception. So, I decided to go to college and spend hours studying in the college library. I took all my notes, grabbed my bag and headed towards the library.

On reaching the college library, I sat on the table by quickly scattering all my notes. I started flipping over the pages and read a few lines from my notebook. As I was reading, my eyes suddenly caught sight of the view outside the window. It was the Carmel school, just nearby the college. It was the school from which I had passed my high school four years back. It is so astonishing how time flies with just a flick of an eye! Carmel was a temple of learning for me. It was the same school that taught me to identify alphabets and make sentences using words, only by the grace of which I am able to write this particular piece. It was the school which instilled the moral values and discipline of life. It was the place which taught me that faith in God and ourselves can do wonders in our lives. It was the place because of which I know that there are seven colours in the rainbow and four seasons, a year. How could I resist looking outside the window, when I had a million memories attached to it? I saw little girls in school uniform, the teachers and sisters playing basket ball on the school playground. I peeped into one of the classrooms and to my astonishment, I was amazed to see myself sitting there in school uniform.

I was deeply engrossed into nostalgia. I could not believe my eyes. The next few minutes, every part of the school which I looked upon, I could only see my younger self!

For a moment, I wanted to live those moments once again. I wanted to break all the shackles and barriers of time which had caged me. I never wanted to return back to my senses. It was a bliss to remain lost in the reminiscence of those memories which were like a dream.

Tears were dripping down my cheeks as I was unable to accept the harsh reality that time can never be reverted and once a phase is over, it can never come back. I came back to my senses and tried to focus on my studies, once again for which I was actually there at the college.

It is no secret that school days are the best days of one’s life and indeed, they are! They are those expensive days of our lives which are to be cherished and treasured even more than diamonds and emeralds, till our last breath.

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