Moving On – From Stress To Joy

I will start with a simple question. According to you, what is the rarest sight in our everyday life? Also, what is the most common sight? Some of you might think that it is something related to true love, or some might logically think that it is something related to general knowledge. No, it is neither the feeling of love nor it is any kind of general knowledge question. Alright, back to the question. The uncommon thing today is happiness. You know you are not that happy as you used to be during your childhood. The most common thing? Stress. Closely observe people, and you’ll find that all are stressed about one thing or the other. I am a human too so don’t think that I am never stressed. I realised this thing so I decided to write about it.

Stress might have taken over the world, but we can change it. One of the major reason is overthinking. We indulge so much into thoughts that even the everyday thing begins to be frustrating. It leads to stress. If overthinking is not the reason then share it with someone. Talk to people, also listen to them. Trust me, even listening does a great difference. Yeah, I know there are very few people who would listen, but if you have one then it is really great thing. Sometimes we all are scared to tell people what we are going through and what had happened in the past but for how long are you going to dwell in it? How long are you going to run away from the happiness and hug stress? Sometimes stress holds so tight that… you know what I mean. Every one thinks that happiness is a destination, everything should end with happiness. Is that real? Happiness is a way to live, it is the positivity that you carry along in your life. It helps you move, it makes you hope. It isn’t an easy path, but you learn quicker than others. You stay more focused than others. Why do we have to make a world that is covered with the night of stress and chaos? Have you ever looked at a new born baby? I felt so happy but sad at the same time because that smiling baby doesn’t know what is lying ahead in life. I wished that the world would have been a better place so that the baby when grew up would keep smiling. So I thought that instead of being stressed, why not I spread a smallest spark of happiness. I did, and I truly felt happy. It felt like I did something that made me proud about myself.

If you’re upset and stressed about something, share it with your trusted ones, and if there’s none, don’t worry. A writer will always be there to listen to you.

I hope that you’re blessed with happiness everyday, and you smile brighter than yesterday.

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Moving On – From Stress To Joy

I will start with a simple question. According to you, what is...
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