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In today’s filmy fun section, I would like to jot down few relevant points about the very passionate love story of a small town guy “Madhav” and a high profile elite class girl “Riya.”

By now, you all must have realized what exactly I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about the movie ” Half girlfriend” which is directed by Mohit Suri and is based on the novel ” Half girlfriend” written by the bestselling author and a renowned



personality “Chetan Bhagat” whom we all love as he writes in a very simple language and tries to put light on the problems which prevail in the society.”Half girlfriend” is another such beautiful novel which is more than just a love story and holds the capacity to attract a range of wide audience and mass popularity.

Plot : “Half girlfriend” is the story of a poor boy from Patna, India who gets into St. Stephen’s college, Delhi through sports quota. There, he falls in love with “Riya” an elite class girl. The story revolves around class differences in our society due to which Riya agrees to be Madhav’s half girlfriend which justifies the title of the novel “half girlfriend.” Besides, class difference, there are also many such other issues of individual life and society which are beautiful picturised in the movie.

Star cast- The leading roles are played by Arjun Kapoor( Madhav) and Shradhha kapoor ( Riya). Arjun dones a bihari accent and has played his part “half- well.” Arjun Kapoor looks older than his role as Madhav who is just a 19 year old guy. Beautiful and petite actress Shraddha Kapoor has once again won millions of heart by her serene looks, great acting skills and a voice to die for! She is the perfect choice for the Delhi – based girl ” Riya.” Madhav’s mother played by Seema Biswas reflects a  strong woman character who raises her son on her own. Vikrant massey( Madhav’s friend) plays his role of a misguiding friend very well. The film also witnesses a cameo of the gorgeous VJ Rhea who falls in love with Arjun and plays her part very well. She also looks drop dead ravishing.

Dialogues- The captivating dialogues are written by Ishita Moitra and is delivered beautifully by the actors..

Some of the dialogues which will definitely leave an impression on your mind are :

1. Main tumhari girlfriend nahi hu, but I can be your half girlfriend.

This dialogue is delivered by Riya and remains the most loved.

2. chhodne ka shauk aapko hai, thali me khana, college, shadi.

This dialogue is delivered by Madhav’s mother when she learns that Riya is a college drop out and had a failed marriage. She, despite being unaware of the reason why Riya had a failed marriage, judges her with a sarcastic dialogue which shows the poor mindset of our society.

3. Bachpan se yahi suna hai, ki shadi ek race hai, jiske finishing line tak pahuchna hi hai-

This dialogue is delivered by Riya as her mom refuses to accept her failed marriage and asks her to anyhow accept her fate and live with her abusive partner. This is a true fact about the Indian society where a divorcee is constantly judged, looked down upon and is not accepted in the society.

4. Haro mat, Har ko harao – This is a beautiful lesson taught by madhav’s mother to madhav which in future Riya teaches her daughter.

Locations- The film is shot in Patna,India and in few colleges of Delhi University ( St.Stephens and Miranda house), New York, city. All of these places are extremely beautiful.

Music: The film has 12 melodies, each one being enchanting in its own way. They are sung by different playback singers. The song “baarish” is the most adorable and relishing one. The songs “phir bhi tumko chahunga and “thodi der” keeps us engaged throughout the movie because of its background effect.

Why must one watch Half Girlfriend: If you want a mix blend of love, romance, a lot more, you must surely watch this movie. This movie has shown how love can transform a person and make him better as Madhav unleashes out a polished version of himself at the end by realizing the importance of women’s education and enabling girls to study in his village, simrao.

Overall, “Half girlfriend is a must watch!

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