An Introvert And The Stranger

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Being an introvert I always avoided talking to strangers. But that day seemed to be different. My phone had crashed that day and I had to wait for at least a week to get a new one. That was not a big issue though as I was not much addicted to my phone. I had my laptop to talk to my best friends and my love. I started to check the notifications of my online art gallery and I came across a guy who liked my every artwork.

“He has liked my each and every art piece!” I murmured. I opened his profile and was completely stunned at his site. It was all about helping people, charity and do good to human stuff that was something that always enchanted me the most. It had been a while since I had some deep talk about life or anything so I hit the chat button on site selecting the topic to chat as Life in general.

I began to talk to him about various aspects of life, career, hard-times, success, motivation and helping people. We synced very well and went on talking for about 20 minutes until he asked me if we can switch on any other platform to interact so as to attend other chat requests on his site.

I have a very limited people added on my social media accounts and adding a stranger to interacting with him was something I had never done. I called the chat off and switched to facebook account to talk to my best friend. She was not online at that time so I just went through the feed, checked some non-replied messages and message requests. I was surprised to see the request from the same guy I talked to a few minutes ago.

I was never shy by nature, I was just hesitant to talk to strangers. But that day I accepted the request without any second thought and we continued talking. We talked for around 5 hours about the worldly problems, helping people, their life’s purposes, their nationality, some deep stuff, philosophy, psychology and shared a little about our personal lives.

I was amazed at how easily I clicked with a stranger so well and deep. There was some magical connection – soul connection that bound us. This had never happened to me before. Though I choose a very few people to be a part of my life but whoever I have in life, my universe resides in them. I have always wanted to live with enough royalty in life to cherish the presence of people I allow in my life and try my best to make their life heaven. I did not just add people in my life at random. They’ll either be my world or not mean anything at all.

This stranger was getting into my life as well. We talked every day from morning to night. We belonged to different countries. We shared the facts, dishes, culture, habitat, routine etc about our countries. It was exciting. We sent each other our favourite music and played together with the countdown. We you-tubed the videos watching together suggested by each other in a similar way. We’ll send each other randomly taken screenshots of memes and quotes. We discussed weirdest things that existed, the funniest imaginations that can never exist and showed each other tourism videos of the respective countries.
We shared our struggles and painful times. These are very normal things that people do commonly around this world but for me, it was the first ever time plus I was totally involved with this person and this routine. We bared our souls to each other. We were totally into each other’s lives.

But slowly and gradually as the time passed, things changed. We did not talk as much as we did. He did not know what was going on in my life anymore. He was not available when I wanted to talk. Our time of getting online did not match anymore. We were best friends but now he had a girlfriend. That wasn’t an issue though as being his best friend that was all I wanted for him. His happiness and content life was all I wished for always.

But the connection, the belongingness, the affection was lost somewhere. My computer, my phone, the rotating hands of the clock, my movies’ collection, my playlist everything reminded me of him. I couldn’t help but cry sometimes. He wasn’t the person he pretended to be, at the start, definitely. It hurts thinking about how we had changed and wondering how things used to be once upon a time. If there was anybody who was to be blamed for this was me of course. It was my fault for getting emotionally dependent and attached to a person with whom I connected no deeper than my computer’s or phone’s screen.

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