Bad Is The New Cool

Villains are intimidating there’s no doubt about that. They are the ones with a plan. They are the ones who are the first to take a step towards a change. Remember Ultron? A minute on the internet and he decided to end the world because yeah, humanity doesn’t seem to exist these days. Some people brutally kill the living beings, others hurt everyone by their words and actions. In a world where no one cares much, you ought to care for yourself. That may seem evil but the reasons are logical. You love Joker, don’t you? Villains are intense characters. People relate to them. They turned evil because someone somewhere did wrong to them or their close ones. And heroes? They are the fantasy creatures where even if their blood is gushing through the veins, a call from their loved one will ignite strength in an almost dead body and will fight back like nothing happened to his body. Logic, where have you gone? Two guys, suppose X and Y, love a same girl. X loves her more than Y, so he warns and tries to stop Y. Due to this, X becomes cruel and Y becomes hero. Why? Just because X loved the girl more than Y? However the girls choice also matters, if she doesn’t love anyone, both turn bad to her. Where is love? Haha, but that’s other topic, let’s not discuss about it.
Villains give a darn tough lesson. No matter how the villain is. A human, a group, or time perhaps. Yes, time can be your villain too. Many more everyday things and life stagee can be the bad ones. However, all of the bad guys and things and stages, teach one thing – be cautious and be smart. Don’t forget that without them, a movie would have been not interesting at all. The same goes with life. Without any competition, you fail to give your best. Without them, you would just go on achieving feats but would rather be less wise. Although that doesn’t mean that being villain means to do evil things to others without a cause. If someone does it to you, do it back. Karma needs a medium. Be a villain when provoked to be a one. Be a villain for others but a hero for yourself.

Next time you watch a movie, look it through the villain’s perspective. It might just become more interesting.

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