Underneath I was covered,
With infinite darkness.
I felt like I am drowning,
My hands danced
Hoping to get a hand,
Not in the joy.
I felt people around me,
They saw me,
But pushed me deeper
Into the gloom.
I felt love,
I can now be free, I thought.
But love held its roots,
Around my neck,
Choking me,
Nearing me to death.
I felt friendships grow,
I wondered this would be help.
But the lack of understanding,
Added thorns to the roots.
Music had me out for a while,
But it soon got tired,
Leaving me back in that abyss,
With a stronger hold.
Is it in love with me?
I gave up.
I stopped fighting.
I decided to let it have me,
Take me wherever it wants.
Day after day,
Demons ruled my mind,
I preferred darkness over light,
Blood gave me some kind of pleasure,
So I cut myself every night.
Hid those scars under the clothes,
And never stepping out.
Life had become a horrific sight.
I approached the end of it.
It was death.
I looked back,
But didn’t want to fight back,
No one cared enough,
No one asked me to stay.
Slowly, the poison entered my blood.
I arrived to the end.
I saw it intake me,
Ruthlessly and terribly.
My soul smiled because it ended,
But a tear drop​ rolled through its eyes,
Screaming with pain,
It sighed —
If only someone had asked me to stay.

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Underneath I was covered, With infinite darkness. I felt like I am...
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