As I Grew Up

As I grew up,
Life started its play.
Expectations grew,
Heartbreaks happened,
Sadness flowed, and
Chaos entered.

As I grew up,
I shattered into pieces,
Cracks had developed,
Soul was emptied,
Darkness consumed,
Coldness controlled.

As I grew up,
Ignorance ruled,
Insanity found its home,
Love lost the way,
Friendship left,
Depression lived.
Life became black and white.

As I grew up,
I realized the incidents.
Cracked lines in my soul,
Created a beautiful drawing,
Emptiness had entered,
Only to be filled with colors.

As I grew up,
Love waved a hi,
Friendship lived,
Happiness knocked,
Good time had come,
Filling bright colors.

As I grew up,
The coloring was done,
Optimism ruled,
Sanity jolted in,
Energy filled,
Joy lived.
Life became colorful sight.

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