Forever Yours

Love rarely stays true. However, they were lucky to have the kind of love that lasts long. Maybe forever?

“I want to eat an ice-cream from that shop”, she said pointing on the other side of the road. “I can never be more loving to you than the ice-cream, right?”, he smiled. “Yes, but I can’t marry an ice-cream. So I’m marrying you”, she replied laughing. “Let’s go then. I’ll park the bike”, he said. He was parking his bike opposite of the shop, while she was crossing the road. As soon as he locked his bike, he heard someone being hit by a truck. He turned around and found her. He ran towards her, and held her. He sat there on the middle of the road, holding her head on his lap. Her head was coloured red with a shade of black. People gathered around them. He checked her breaths, but vain. He checked her pulse, but found none. He didn’t notice the people, he only noticed that she was no more. All he did was remain silent to the situation he fell in.

It had been six years for their relationship, the real ones, and they had their engagement last night. Life felt like a dream come true to them. He still remembers the day he met her. She walked into his classroom, and his eyes saw nothing but her. The eyes looked at her silky, smooth hair and then the eyes that carry so much spark, a smile that was beyond perfect and looks so darn ravishing. After she entered the classroom, he involuntary said, “Beautiful!” His best friend beside heard it and smirked. He looked at his best friend and blushed. Love at first sight had knocked his life’s door. Love had knocked their doors.

He looked down at her. The hairs were still the same, but the spark in her eyes was forever gone. The smile was no more. This time, death knocked her life’s door. How lovely his life had been since six years spent with her. Right from her entrance in the classroom to their engagement. Their love helped them solve each other’s problems. It kept them happy. Their love was the fire ignited in a friendship, the fire of trust, loyalty, compassion, intimacy and commitment for life. But, destiny had other plans in their life. He could never imagine a life without her, without her love. She was the colour to his life. Without her, it became dull and dark instantly.

People around him helped him get up and take the corpse to the hospital. He sat there on the footpath, silently. No words, no scream. Just silence. However, his musings we loud. He was scared of life without her. Obviously, without her, the musical beats would never sound the same. Food won’t taste delicious anymore. Sleep would leave him. Depression will strike him. All the negative vibes would consume him. Without her, life wouldn’t be so lovely as before.

After an hour of being lost in thoughts, he sent a text to her ‘sleeping’ beloved. He walked away from the place where his life changed and visited her. He cried for two hours straight and jolted out of the hospital. He left his phone beside her leaving the message. Running as fast as he could, he halted on the river bridge. He jumped into the river, smiling, and without realizing that he could not swim. As he jumped, he smiled and screamed, “I love you, Kuku.”, just before the water hit him as hard as stone. He drowned after a minute.

At the same time, his best friend had gone to visit her and saw his phone near her. He couldn’t control his tears when he read that message. It read — “Kuku, remember the promise to stay together no matter what? I won’t break my promise because without you, I would have been drowned in loneliness and depression which you would never want to see. So I chose to drown, smiling and saying that I love you Kuku. Forever Yours, Teddy.”

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