And the wait was over

“I give up,” she said looking out of a window with eyes that no more carried tolerance for things that belittled her self-respect. She shifted her gaze to look into his eyes one last time and left the house leaving the door open. In a single moment, he knew he had lost something that this world did not have a replacement for.
He had always been the reason for her mind always fought with her heart to walk away from him. But every time her heart convinced “once last time please” testing her own tolerance deep down just to leave her feeling a little more broken everytime. But that day her ‘one last time please’ finally held the ground. And she was now unstoppable.
Yes, women are vulnerable when in love. They will travel extra miles of pain rather than leaving you at some point for being the reason of her pain. They will try to save a relationship at any cost to an extent. But once her instinct stops her from further crushing herself down for a man who does not respect or give her what she deserves, she is unstoppable. She will carry the coldest heart you have ever seen once you push her to limits.
She left him along with his insecurities, false allegations, bad temper and a violent body. She was more than what a man could desire. But the man who finally got hold of her love couldn’t turn out to be deserving one for her. She was a once in a lifetime woman. Her love, sacrifices, and devotion in a relationship were beyond any man’s desire or expectations.


She decided on continuing her life without letting this relation or her vulnerability pull her down. She considered herself to be responsible for the place where she was right now and did not want anybody, family, friends or relatives, to take her responsibility.
(5 years later)
Riya could finally see him arrive in a cold, hopeful night. She was finally excited to spend her life with the new love of her life. All these years, she always managed to love him more and more daily despite the tough circumstances and issues between them. Yes, the new love of her life was nobody but her ex-husband who went on knees to bring her back in his life. He took medical guidance for improving his mental state. He read books related to how to be the best lover and took relationship counseling. Being an atheist all of his life, his head now bowed every morning to the deity praying for her to be back into his life. The emptiness and devastating realization of him being a great torture on a loving soul did not let him breathe in peace. He struggled each second of his life to be deserving of a loving lady he already had lost.


His eyes found her amidst the crowd. Their eyes met. He knew he’ll never find anybody who’ll love him more than her. He finally had realized his mistakes. He was now ready to value what life had given him.


She hadn’t been at much peace in life though but she lived with her chin up as she knew she had given everything she possessed and trusted her efforts and life that she’ll definitely get what she deserves. She did not hold any grudge against him. She had walked away for herself and her heart still loved him hard all this time. This attitude never let her down in life after she left him. However, she was generous enough to notice the years of improvement he had undergone and this time the decision of her heart and mind was mutual based on her gut instinct. A good woman is capable of seeing through in numerous false curtains to visualize the truth of her man. She was now ready to taste the fruits of the efforts she made for him.


They were finally home. His home. Her old home. Their home. Their forever’s home. She was surprised to witness herself showered in love by his warm welcome surprise at home with a note that said,

Good night love


The night shines brightly under the moonlight

And here I lay with my sweetheart

When we are together we sleep tight

She is no less than an angel who drives my heart’s cart

Watching her in grief is a torture to my soul

But I’ve promised myself to set her free from that she feels

I pray her heart soon moulds

And our lives shines bright

just as this night

as my sweetheart heals.


And her moist eyes knew finally the wait was over. Since that day, Varun never let Riya regret her decision for the lifetime.

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