Keeping Apart

In a world,
Filled with hate and chaos,
You end up secluding yourself,
In search for peace.

Books become your best friends,
Movies know when you need to relax.
Coffee is your drug, and
Music adds spice to your ecstasy.

You love rain, and the petrichor,
You love food and long walks alone.
Crowd becomes your allergy, and
In your mind comes everything.

You will have ample time to learn,
For several dreams to earn.
Sometimes, few friends for fun,
Other times, for solitude, you run.

Moon becomes your inspiration,
To write and illuminate optimism.
Words become the definition,
Of power and revolution.

Otherwise, colours are all you want,
To paint and adore.
Art will be all you crave for,
Masterpiece is what you strive for.

To many problems,
Sleep will be your answer.
If they get worse,
You unleash your power to face them.

To the questions of emotions,
Meditation becomes your answer.
In the world of rage,
You become calmer.

Expectations become rare,
Hope is what you care.
Feelings become pure,
Your mind becomes clear.

You become more kind,
Love fills you up inside,
You will be more wise, and
A better fighter against stress.

Keeping apart –
How beneficial it is!
You learn loving yourself,
The algorithm for undying happiness.

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