Suicide and Depression

There was this urge to write on this and spread awareness as much as I can. Is suicide an option?
Life is huge, inevitable beyond our expectations. It goes on even with or without our presence. Life is a beautiful gift. If you are alive, you are able to look at the beauty present around you. There’s beauty in everything. From the way the rain falls down on ground to the birds that fly in the sky. From the marine life, a life that you might not have witnessed yet to the botanical life.

And in our life, in this long journey of life, we face a million of problems. There are people who do not have a shelter to live in, in the cold winters or in the hot summer. There are people who cannot buy food. There are people who cannot even buy medicines for there disease and they die slowly. But yes, this doesn’t mean your problems are small. Every time you face a problem, it’s big for you. And at times you don’t see an exit out of your problems. But does that mean you should give up on your problems? What would you do if you fail a test? Wouldn’t you study hard and give the test again? Life is same. It’s a test you’re appearing for. Challenging you with different things. And if you fail, you are supposed to give a retest. You must try again, but never give up.

Life is something that is eternal and will go on, always. Life is so beautiful and so are you and I. We are something that is a part of this beauty.
But sometimes, life doesn’t look as beautiful as it is. Accepted that, some phases of our life can be so hard, so harsh.

Depression is something that makes you want to end life. Today, many people faces depression or signs of depression. There are basically stages of depression. In the initial stages of depression we can actually help him out easily compared to the one who has strong depression symptoms.

There are 10 million cases of depression per year in India.

Sometimes we are so burdened by the stress of some problems that we feel like giving up. And thats when, depression takes it’s place slowly in your life. Depression can actually affect your everyday life style.

Signs of Depression are:

  1. 1. Anxious or an empty feeling or hopelessness,
  2. Irritability or guilt,
  3. Loss of interest in daily lifestyle or
  4. Restlessness or doing things slowly than usual,
  5. Difficulty in remembering or concentrating,
  6. Difficulty in sleeping or oversleeps,
  7. Changes in appetite,
  8. Thoughts of suicidal,
  9. Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive which do not even ease after treatments.

Suiciding is not an option even in depression. When a person tries to suicide, or successfully suicide or when a person dies, they are not the only person dying. The people surrounded, attached with their life even their acquaintances are affected with the death.

The person who is facing depression needs more attention, needs patience to be dealt with and most importantly needs your love and care.

Imagine the situation, if you kill yourself. Your mother would die as well, a mother who kept you for 9 months in her womb, she felt you even before you felt life. Your father would be constantly haunted by the thoughts of ‘why this happened and how can I not see your pain, how can I be such a bad father?’ your sibling would be blank, they wouldn’t know what to say or what to do but to sit in the corner of a room and remember all the memories you both spent together and cry. Your family would be devastated and so will be your friends. If you kill yourself, you’re not the only one dying. You are killing a part in everyone’s life.

If you think that your existence does not matter then let me state it that if you wouldn’t be there everything would have been so different. Your best friends wouldn’t​ have you, and the kind people they are, their nature, their soul would be of different colours. Your existence literally matter.

If you feel you’re not okay, if you feel you need to share, if you feel your world is falling apart, then share. Share each and everything you feel till the core of your heart. Speak untill you have spoken every essence of your ache. And if you know someone is broken and is in such a condition, please don’t leave them alone by themselves.
You can save a life, your words can save a life.
Suicide is wrong. Don’t quit so easily. Because if you suicide, it might ease your pain but it would reflect your pain to your loved ones in a huge intensity.

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Suicide and Depression

There was this urge to write on this and spread awareness as...
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