The Treehouse

As I walk down the wooden stairs, step by step, I could hear her singing the song that I had dedicated the very first time. She called my name with the mouth full of love. I paused at the last step and turned around to find my pretty lady dressed up in a floral gown of white and red shade linen cloth. Her waist length hair hung loose with few strands resting over her shoulder. When we met for the first time, many years ago, Maria had shoulder length hair. I once told her that long hair will suit her and she gifted me the privilege of being correct at that point. Her length determined the longevity and strength of our relation.

Watching her coming close to me by getting down the stairs of our very own treehouse was the best feeling for this moment. She once told me about her love for nature and what could be the better gift than a treehouse amidst calm nature for a nature lover? It was my gift to her on our 3rd anniversary. The span of these 7 years, 2 years being friends and the rest being a couple, is incomparably the best phase of my life. I have lived each sorrow, happiness, anxiety, hope, fear, hardships and achievements with her. She never left my hand regardless of any phase of our togetherness.

People say you can get to know who genuinely cares for you only in tough times. But for me, this is just the half truth because my whole belief of truth lied in her. I owe her my success and my respect in the society. My love for her is above divinity and it’s essence lingers around me all the time as I breathe. I remember her last words: “Love her more than you’ve ever done to me. You are the best man any girl could ever get. Give this new girl of your life all the happiness she deserves.”

Her words echoed in my mind as I remember seeing her the last time as she slept forever holding my hand. As her grip loosened, my life banged the reality at my face slapping me hard, shattering ‘our’ world into pieces.

Come on love. I’m waiting here.” a sweet voice broke the link of my memories. I stepped off the last step to witness a beautiful view that had a table set near the shore. The place was as silent as my life without Maria. Waves washed off the shore’s sorrow with a kiss but did not stay. But I remember the promise I made to her. This new girl in my life was the only reason for I was alive.

She ran towards me and hugged me tight jumping to my height. I held her in my arms, caressing her hair. I turned around to face the stairs of ‘our’ treehouse where Maria stood smiling and I promised her one more time:

“I’ll always love and keep happy the last gift of yours in my life”

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