The Forbidden Curve

The night was still. Everybody had emptied the office. The lights were still turned on in the first cabin. Tapping voice of keys on keyboard striking in the silence of still night. Ramit shutdown the system, turned off the lights and carried his bags, locked the door. The clock had struck to 12 at midnight and he had been the busiest man in the office, a silent player.

He reached home, without a second of reclining, he was all set to do his work on the laptop. “Kaka, can you bring me a cup of coffee?” he said aloud. Without getting any reply, he assumed he would have slept and prepared coffee himself. Coffee had been his ally of his desolation since times. He sipped the coffee, looking over the balcony the view of his beautiful city. Pausing for a moment he immediately hugged back his work. He always struggled for spending time with himself. He checked mail that read:

Mr.Agarwal , we are yet working on the issue, but cannot fix up any final conclusion.”

Disappointed, he left the room heading towards his bedroom. He laid down, crestfallen with a deep thought.

Baba, wake up now. It is late morning. I have prepared your favorite breakfast and I am going to cook your favorite dish for lunch today. Come on my lazy-baby wake up. Mumma’s been old now, cannot look after you always, grow up. It is your turn to take care of me now. You have to be responsible now. What would you do when I will be gone? (woke up and hugged immediately) I will not let you go anywhere mamma, I need you beside me always.”

Aroused from the dream, that was the part of his actual sweet past beyond any dream ,he wiped his tears and got up to start one more day without his mom.

(Ramit had been broken and lost after he got to know his mother was cancer afflicted. She had been at the last stage of cancer and so he sent her to U.S. for best medical regimen. Everyday he hoped her recovery but instead she was getting worse. He was just passing his days by without his mom, each day carrying the burden of his breaths.)


(3 months later)

Ramit took his lunch and headed back to his cabin, he found he had got a mail that read:

“Mr. Ramit Agarwal, we are very sorry as we have to inform you a very somber news that your mother is no more with us. Her body is in dead body compartment. If you wish to perform your custom rituals you can have permission to take it with you after certain formalities.”


His eyes jammed on the screen, his body shunned and still, he lost his consciousness for few moments, getting hold of himself back, he accepted the harsh truth swallowing a lump of woe, he though had accepted it prior to time as he knew he would be at this stage of his life once. Heavyhearted, being back to his life, his lips never curved to smile after that.


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