Batman Vs Superman

Ah, this movie was so much hyped.

God Vs Human / Day Vs Night

This movie was released in the same year in which the “Captain America: Civil War” was released. So, the fans of both movies were so pumped and there were wars between the fans of both sides going all over the Internet as to which one’s better. If one would read the comments of fans of both sides on any social network, it would feel like a tag team championship is going on between DCEU and MCEU. All these superhero movies are based on comics and most of the fans have read at least some comics (I can be wrong here). I haven’t ever read a comic. So, this review (sort of) is from a superhero movies fan that has no idea of how those superhero characters were portrayed in comics. (Spare me if you don’t like my review)


I personally love Batman (I love characters associated with night). The trailer had impressed me a lot when it came out and I really wanted to see it. The basic premise of the movie was the fight between Superman and Batman. Superman, being the alien superhero is totally immortal *cough Kryptonite cough* while Batman, being the rich human superhero. The portrayal of Batman in this movie is completely different from Christopher Nolan’s one. This Batman just kills straightaway. The fight between Batman and the people that had captured superman’s mom (Martha KENT) was just pure bliss. He just thrashed them all around and didn’t even care how they land on floor after getting punched. Brutality was on full show here.


And my God, did I love the fight between these two. There were two face-offs between them and I was floored in both. I was in awe of the mechanical suit of Batman (I will always be). Although, Batman was on the verge of killing superman using the kryptonite spear but didn’t. (Martha becomes the savior)


The story on the whole was average. I loved every scene which had Batman as Ben Affleck really made his screen presence show while all the Superman scenes were like “Ok, so I have to pass this”. In the mix was thrown, Wonder woman (Gal Gadot’s fans, any?). Also, there were references to other superheroes too because DC is just spreading its universe now. So, all three of them fight against a villain. No, more like super alien villain. At the very last, they are able to kill it but superman dies (He can’t) but it’s shown at the end of the movie that he’s still sort of alive.


In the whole movie, there were just two scenes that made me laugh. One, when both Batman and Superman are standing on either side of Wonder Woman and Batman asks Superman whether she’s with him or not (It was really funny). Second, the scene where Lex Luthor is giving a speech (sort of) and fumbles it up. I really wasn’t thinking the movie to have such a dark theme. Ok, all previous Batman movies had dark theme but still then, they were truly enjoyable. I don’t know what was wrong with this movie (Direction or Story) but most people say, it’s direction. If that’s the case, then Zack Snyder should pull up his socks. (Justice League, hush)


Overall, it was a good watch but it wasn’t very much enjoyable. There were many (literally) scenes which were so much boring. Ah, what to say now.


(Now you can start bashing me)

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