The Importance Of Downfall

You are great! The way you fight your concealed battles everyday and still keep that smiling face. That is really amazing. I hope good things come to you soon. If you are feeling low, don’t worry it is really important. Yeah, you must be like being low is nowhere near the word important. There is a reason I’m saying it. Suppose you are not feeling low, you have stone cold heart which protects you from being depressed. Here is the catch, you are cold so you are immune to feel that amount of happiness. It is like drinking water after spending a day or two in the desert.

Okay, let me give a realistic example. How do you feel when you finally get to pee after controlling for an hour or two? Great, right? You’re getting it now. The feeling of holding it resembles the downs you go through, and the other thing? Well, you got it. The more you are down, the greater and deeper happiness is felt. I am not saying that being sentimental is the important criterion for it. Just let the coldness in you melt whenever needed.

Another question pops in your mind. Yeah, how to melt whenever needed? When your loved ones are there around you, melt yourself. When you see an epic movie, melt yourself (except if you’re watching a horror film). When someone hugs you, melt yourself. When someone listens to you carefully, melt yourself. When someone lets you vent, melt yourself. You will get click when you need to melt. At times when past comes to haunt your present, do not open the door when it knocks neither say “Who is there?”. Past is a ghost. It will keep haunting you. All you need is to realize that it is only your lesson and not a part of your present. If you really want to see past, cherish the beautiful moments you had.

Feel the chills of your first kiss, feel the sense of warmth of those special hugs. I know good memories lead to bad ones like a slideshow, but there’s a way. When the bad enters, get yourself busy. Complete your pending task! If you’re well-organised and have completed all the tasks, then learn something new. Bring your knowledge and imagination together. All this just to say us to be positive? Well yes and if I succeed, I’ll be glad. If not, I’ll try next time.

You can protect yourself without being a stone. Remember, “be better everyday by simply being you” and I’m sure you really want to feel happiness or at least show your small yet beautiful smile. Help someone today; it might melt you.

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